Our Mission

Our mission is to provide parents with a trusted place to build friendships and share real advice and support. Our social network will unlock the power of personal recommendations and take the stress out of finding trustworthy advice when you need it.

Our Mission
About The Founder

About The Founder

Emily Tucker is mummy to three beautiful daughters, so she knows how it feels to be a new parent full of questions and anxiety, as well as having advice and recommendations to share. She founded Mamalink with the vision to make the sharing and discovery of advice easier for parents, and to strengthen their support network, empowering them to become confident parents.

Qualifying as an accountant in her early career, Emily moved to a major telecoms provider and spent almost 7 years working on the strategy of their mobile communications. This provided a solid understanding of the business side of social networks, enabling her to make her vision a reality.


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Your friends are the most trusted source of advice you can get. Discover more by asking and sharing the best parenting tips with your friends on Mamalink.

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